Axyz (pronounced “axes,” plural of axis) is a purpose-driven marketing and media company in e-commerce. We are a “marketingplace” for consumer product brands owned and led by historically excluded entrepreneurs such as BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA+.


We create networks of small, curated e-commerce shops. We feature brands and their stories in a way for new customers to easily discover and support them. Our shops are designed without the algorithms, cross-selling and hurdles of big e-commerce. We want customers to be able to purchase with fewer distractions while assuring these brands get the attention they need to thrive.


Together, we are leveling the playing field one purchase at a time.


RETAIL MEETS REPRESENTATION. Our mission is to increase representation and inclusion in e-commerce for historically excluded entrepreneurs with a goal of driving socio-economic empowerment, equity and generational wealth for these communities.

PASSION MEETS PARTNERSHIP. Our turn-key solution enables trusted advocates and allies to leverage their power, privilege and platforms to promote these historically excluded entrepreneurs in order to have a catalytic impact on representation.

INVESTMENT MEETS INCLUSIVITY. From certain dedicated shops in our network, we invest back into the next generation of e-commerce brands that improve the economic or social positions of these underrepresented communities and aligned initiatives.


2020 brought us together again, two Korean-American sisters under one roof during an extraordinary year.  The pandemic and racial justice movements highlighted for us the many systemic inequities playing out as they were designed - disproportionately impacting women and communities of color in all facets of daily life.

We listened and learned through this momentum of historic changes inspiring daily conversations on how to be better allies and advocates. That also meant acknowledging our privileges, including the perception of being model minorities, offering us access to opportunities that evolved into careers spanning 40+ years as a digital marketing executive in New York City and a media/tech lawyer in Silicon Valley. 

Motivated by all of this plus our own experiences of discrimination, lack of representation and exclusion as women of color, we strive to develop a new inclusive solution to help level the playing field in e-commerce.  Axyz is built in the name of community allyship, and paying-it-forward, designed to ensure that historically excluded entrepreneurs have a marketing solution where they can thrive and inspire others like them.